Tuesday, March 10, 2009

im calling you!

last night tryin' to reach U
i msg u.
u off hp.
u change ur number?
OH, sorry im disturbing u with ur gf.
i dunno you staying together.
why u treat me like this?
i try to run from u.
but im so weak.
me and me feels jealous when i saw ur pic.
I don't need nobody
and I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but u
U all I need in my life ..
u have her. i have him.
but why still cant forget u??
im cryin like hell now..
fu*k .!
im so weak!.
i miss you.!
u said u will come here next month.
with ur gf.
cool then.


Anonymous said...

hidup x slalu indah babe!

wake up!

BuLan said...

i wake up now.
life gettin worse when someone who we call BFF stab us from back aite.
so now i realize.
thx for da support!